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Sunrise Stripes

How many times have we walked or cycled past this? It’s different every time. A lot changes even in a day. That fact was the inspiration for two paintings, one of which is this: ‘Sunrise Stripes’ shows the place just after sunrise. The sun makes long shadow stripes through the trees that line the road. So long that they go over the ditch and even over the dike. The dike with freshly mown grass. You can almost smell it.

The other painting, inspired by the same place, is ‘Sunset Droppings’. Same place, but different time of day, just before sunset. And here the grass is not freshly cut, but just hayed, wrapped in agricultural plastic and transformed into black ‘droppings’. The evening sun reflects beautifully on the black plastic and in the ditch.

They are not officially a diptych, but it would be nice if they stayed together. They both measure 80x80cm and the horizon is at the same height in both works.






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