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Limited Edition Art Prints

Limited Edition Art Prints, or giclées, are an attractive alternative to the often larger original painting. These museum quality art prints are limited in edition (usually 25 copies for me) and are personally numbered and signed by me. So unique ones. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

“A giclée is unparalleled in quality and color and lightfastness. That deserves a certificate.”

Een origineel onder de camera bij Studio Buitenhof
De giclées rollen langzaam uit de printer

A perfect giclée starts with perfect digitization

You can still have such a high quality paper and printer, but if the original is poorly digitized you will never get a really high quality. That is why my original paintings are invariably digitized by Studio Buitenhof in The Hague. The paintings are digitized in a permanent arrangement with a professional Hasselblad camera on the ceiling. Large paintings are recorded in parts, after which the parts are assembled together using software and corrected where necessary. Absolute control over exposure, colour, contrast, sharpness, etc. are crucial for the highest achievable end result. Studio Buitenhof does this not only for artists but also for museums. The result of the digitization is a very large digital file of which in principle a print in the same size as the original could be printed. Razor sharp!

A giclée: not just an ordinary print

My giclées are also printed at Studio Buitenhof. Because they have also digitized the original, they know exactly how to coordinate recording and printing. It is printed on heavy quality acid-free Hahnemühle paper in particularly lightfast inks. And if you look at an ordinary print, you will quickly see with (sometimes even without) a magnifying glass the regular pattern of the grid dots of the 4 print runs: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. But not with a good giclée print. With a giclée, no grid is used, but the colors are sprayed onto the paper in tiny drops of ink. Razor sharp and (because no regular grid is used) without moiré.


The limited edition giclée prints from the webshop are in principle supplied without passe partout and frame. So you can choose to do the framing yourself (or have it done). Obviously numbered, signed, securely packaged and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

Would you rather have a completely framed giclée delivered? Let me take care of the framing. Ask me about the possibilities (below some examples).

Some examples