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I haven’t been able to find a better term for it myself. So I call my style of painting ‘rough pointillism’. Short strokes with the flat brush. It results in work that you can experience in two ways: up close it seems abstract, but take a few steps back and you see the impression, mostly inspired by nature.

“I also paint on commission...”

Framing is an art as well

I have my own ideas about how my painting should be framed. As a buyer of a work, you can of course always think differently, but as long as I exhibit a work myself, I will provide a modern, sleek frame. Sometimes I also give them a matching color, but black is always beautiful. I often use 3D canvases where I also paint the sides. Then I think it’s a nice effect if the canvas protrudes a bit in relation to the frame, so that that side is also visible. I sometimes had special powder-coated steel frames made for small work. Super sleek and minimalistic.

Original painting or Limited Edition?

Sure, nothing beats the original. But usually I paint on large format canvas, for example 100x100cm or 100x120cm. Not everyone has that space above the couch or in the wallet. Then a giclée of the original is a nice alternative. My giclées are limited in edition (usually 25 copies). A giclée print (always smaller than the original) is a work of art in itself and should – provided with a passe-partout – be framed behind glass. So there is always a clear distinction between the original painting and the limited edition print.

Free work or on commission?

An artist usually values great importance to his freedom. Me too. But working on commission also has its challenges. Moreover, as a designer I have been used to working on commission all my life. And even though I work on commission, I also ask for the necessary freedom. I have already made many commissioned paintings. Below is an example.

Single work or in series?

Most of my works stand alone, but sometimes they are part of a series. For example, I am currently working on a series ‘Foliage’. Trees have always intrigued me, especially the structure of the leaves. This series will never be complete I think. What I also sometimes do is that a work does not consist of one canvas, but of several canvases. So a diptych or quadruple.

Would you like to commission a painting? Contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.

I am a member of BOK (Professional Organization for Artists).