5th prize Groene Hart Art Prize 2015:

Our ‘Groene Hart’ (Green Heart) has become what it is today entirely by human hands. This landscape has changed over the centuries; put to our hand. We like to call it nature, but it is actually mainly ‘useful’ green: roads and water for transport, dikes to keep the land dry, meadows to let the cows graze. And… trees for reinforcement (and decoration), in straight rows along polder roads and dikes. If after years a tree falls out – due to storms or other (natural) violence, we quickly restore it with young plantings. Fixed!

From the jury report of the professional jury:
“The thought behind the performance and the pointillist execution are appreciated. The entrant had already been selected in the top five in a previous year of the Groene Hart Kunstprijs and he thus demonstrates a constant quality at a high level.’





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