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Hello Sunshine

Mother and daughter on a bench, enjoying the sun and each other. I can enjoy that in turn! The spot is a piece of new nature near us in the polder. The bench stands on a dike slope and has already sunk quite a bit into the peat soil. Sitting on the bench, you have a view of a beautiful pond with lots of reeds and water birds. Sheep are grazing on the embankment.

I started this painting during The Colorfield Performance 2023 event in Elst. That was on a scorching hot day in June. You paint your own panel of 122x122cm in the open air with five other artists. The aim is to finish your painting within one day. Because of the heat, my palette of acrylic paint dried while I was looking at it and standing in the burning sun all day was really draining. How did I ever think I could finish this work in one day? So I was not really satisfied with the result and at the end of 2023 I started to improve and elaborate the work. At the beginning of February 2024, it was finished and it was how I wanted it: Hello Sunshine!

Here you can see how this painting was created in many short strokes with the flat brush:





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