Portrait Janne Ritskes

Portrait of someone who deserves much more honor: Janne Ritskes. The Mother Teresa of Cambodia where she has already lifted countless families out of poverty. Janne is of Dutch origin, emigrated to Canada at a young age and soon ended up in Cambodia where she founded her Tabitha Foundation to help the poor and traumatized population of this troubled country. She succeeds very well in this and has now even realized a special women’s hospital, ‘Nokor Tep’ near Phnom Penh. She deserves all of us support. The Touchstone Foundation (Stichting Toetssteen) has also done this for eight years, but has since stopped. To conclude this period, a benefit evening was organized on 8 December 2018 for the benefit of the hospital, at which Janne Ritskes herself was present. On that occasion she was presented this portrait.




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